Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8

Full of injustice, you ask, “Was there any reason for him to be killed?”

Full of criticism, I retort, “Was there any reason for you to kill in the first place?”

Humans kill ghouls and are unable to comprehend why ghouls take revenge.

The answer is so simple; so obvious: Because it’s tit for tat.

Do you understand what it feels like?

Empathy is the key to peace. If we are unable to feel what other people are feeling, it will lead to conflicts. And in the end, no one will benefit.

For clarification purposes, the black-haired guy is a human while the girl with the dark blue hair is a ghoul.

This episode had been the best one so far in my opinion. I stated my opinions on the cycle of bloodshed between human and ghoul in the previous episode, and this week, not only did they affirmed my stand, but introduced Kaneki’s power as well. Tokyo Ghoul has become one of my favourite animes this season.

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