Always There For Me

Hanayamata Episode 7

You gave me more than I can ever repay you for.

Best friends are like homes, sheltering you and keeping you safe; providing a place that you belong to. Whenever you’re down, they can lift your spirits. Whenever you’re lost, they can guide you back. Whenever you’re empty, they can fill you heart back up with warmth and love.

hanayamata 18 hanayamata 19 hanayamata 20 hanayamata 21 hanayamata 22 hanayamata 23

Friends are overrated, but best friends are under-appreciated. I’ve been busy the past few days with activities and had not talk to her for almost a week, but today, that short one hour of catching up, made me realise how much I want to talk to her more. She’s the only person I can have a not as awkward conversation with. Hopefully, distance will not grow on us and we will stay connected unlike before.


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