Even if a countless number of people has been killed, no one can ever get used to deaths. No one can remain unaffected at all by other people’s demise, not to mention, one who is very precious to them.

But as agonised as one is, we have to stay strong and not let sadness or vengeance take over us. It is so easy to say this, but how many of us can actually not break down when any of our friends has died?

Unfair as Death may be, we cannot do anything but mourn and remember them in our hearts forever.

Akame ga Kill! Episode 7


As much as I know that I should stay strong if anyone dies, I have not experienced the loss of a loved one. Without knowing the agony one will feel, I am in no position to say any of this. But I just hope that when I do experience this antagonising pain, I am able to stay strong, for the sake of others…


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