Optimism Despite Failure

Haikyuu!! Episode 20

Having an intense desire to win sometimes backfires, because your vision gets too clouded with the pressure of victory, that you do not realise what you are doing incorrectly. Although all of us want to be successful, we still have to keep calm and look at the entire situation before taking a step forward, otherwise we’ll slip and lose.

I am really excited for the next episode because this is a battle of setters and Kageyama is no longer able to fight due to his clotted mind, so it is time for Sugawara to take over.

I love how every game results in a character development of a member. For this game, it focused mostly on Tanaka and his optimism despite countless failure. I think that it is really devastating when you missed receiving consecutive times? I was playing a practice match of floorball in PE last year and I was the goalkeeper. I suck at sports naturally, but I suck worse at catching balls. Not to mention, the balls are so tiny, and I have a mere stick that has such a small surface area. But anyways, I couldn’t defend at all and my team ended up losing and we had to do forfeits. Of course, no one cared, but I was really upset. I couldn’t face anyone and I just ran up to class to be alone. Like always. So, I think it takes a lot of courage to face fear in spite of failure and it is something very admirable. If it was something as important as a competition, I would have long broken down…

Another thing I wanted to point out is that one’s morale will affect the entire team. If you despair, your team mates will lose hope as well. Thus, I think that it was thankful Tanaka did not lament at all, but rather spurred himself on to strive harder the next time round. Because of this, it also influenced everyone to be even more fired up. I feel that it is up to us whether we want to stay strong or cry in times of failure, but we have to take note of the possible effects on the people around us.

Overall, I think that as much as physical strength is core to any sports, mental strength is equally as important, because if you do not have the will to continue, you will not have the strength to win.

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