So I’ve recently watched Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7, and I wanted to voice out my opinions on the incessant bloodshed between humans and ghouls.

tghoul 155

Basically, Human X kills Ghoul Y. Friend of Ghoul Y takes revenge and kills friends of Human X. Human X gets angry and is determined to kill all ghouls.

My point is that humans hate ghouls because they kill their loved ones. But little do they realise that they have actually harmed the ghouls in the first place. Thus, who is it to blame, but themselves?

Because of the continuous fighting, they kill each other and then, mourn over the loss of lives. So what is the root of the problem?

This type of phenomenon is also mirrored in Romeo and Juliet, where Tybalt kills Mercutio, and then got killed by Romeo for revenge.

We harm others, others harm us back.

As the saying goes:

La haine attire la haine! (Hatred breeds hatred)

So if we can all take one step back, relinquish the narrow-mindedness of our vision with the only focus being the other party, and look at the overall situation, only then would we realise the mass of dead bodies all around us, kin or no kin. Maybe then can we understand the impact we have dealt, the damage we have done, the lives we have made lost, the loss we cannot gain back…

This goes out to the Israel-Gaza conflict happening now. More than 2000 people have been killed, with uncountable wounded, and a significant percentage of the victims in Gaza are mere CHILDREN. Children who have yet to grow up, to learn about the world, to play and have fun with their friends. Neither side has any justification to kill anyone. Pope Francis has also raised pleas to attempt to stop the conflict, but it’s just a fruitless endeavour.

Just how many lives do we have to lose, before we realise war and bloodshed is meaningless and no good will ever come out of it?


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