I don’t know, but I guess anime is not a very popular thing around, and I can definitely understand why. Its seemingly cartoonish-like animation may not appeal to certain mature viewers and may be viewed upon as boring and unrealistic.

I do not think that is an incorrect perception towards anime, but of course, I view anime differently. I have no intention to change anyone’s view of anime, but I really felt a desire to explain my passion towards it?

I guess main factor would definitely be all the different plots. They are all so unique and can vary so much from one anime to another. In my opinion, the anime with the most distinctive storyline would be Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Maybe No Game No Life too. And there are various genres too. Action, Horror, Romance… Each anime has its own flavour and is fresh in its own way, I guess. Characters make up a big part too. The animation especially, can be so wonderful and breath-taking in its most literal sense.

Then I guess, I think another important aspect would be the lessons learnt. And that is why I created this blog with all the posts so far. I feel that each anime brings to the table something new. Even though the lessons learnt may be classified under one broad category, they are all different aspects of it. Like take {Love} for example, Love can be sacrificing yourself, it can be doing whatever you can for him/her, it can even be Mother to child love, the list goes on and on. I think that each anime has enabled me to learn certain moral values, that have benefitted me in my walk of life. One Piece has a lot, but the one that stands out the most to me, would be to have a dream, and strive for it. Fairy Tail, definitely friendship, with a small puddle of perseverance. All anime gives something to you, and I feel that, with this blog, I can take what they give me, by posting it here, processing it, and sharing it.

My personal blog and anime blog has x number of views. So what? It doesn’t matter if viewers don’t care what I post. I just hope that maybe I can do my part in giving people something. I realise I maybe can’t give people friendship, because I suck quite hard at it, so hopefully I can give people motivation instead. Because just like Sheele, I just wanted to be useful for something.


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