Anime VS Manga

Okay, let me get this straight. Why are there always people who complain how a certain anime is not as good as the manga? Anime and manga are two different things. Manga has its characteristics, anime has its characteristics as well. Manga tend to have a deeper plot, better storyline and a more complete background of characters. Anime tend to have great animation (of course), beautiful scenes and amazing music. So even though they are the same title, people should not compare between manga and anime. And even if they want to compare, people have to understand the strengths and weaknesses each have.

I am not ranting about how people should not compare. I am ranting about how people criticise anime for being under-developed as compared to the manga. First of all, I would like to point out how unappreciative some people are to the animation of the anime. Do they even comprehend how much effort it is to not only draw out the scenes, but having to put them together and animate them as well? It is a lot more times tedious than having to draw a manga page. But they just take it for granted, that anime should have good animation and it is not surprising at all. Excuse me, but could you please stick you hand down your oesophagus and pull out your heart because you have absolutely no feelings at all. These people are so demanding! They want everything to be inside the anime, not even giving thought that if the story has to be that long, it will not fit into a typical half-season and the profits they earn may not even compensate their efforts in having to make around 24 episodes.

Anime tries to incorporate the more important parts that is in the manga. People complain, “Argh, this is so bad, they skip so much of the manga, this anime is trash!”.

Anime adds in the minor stories of the manga, for fillers. People complain, “This is horrible, the progress of the plot is so slow, what a waste of time!”

What do you want, my fellow unsatisfied otakus?

Anime and manga can never be the same. I am sorry if a certain anime does not fulfil your expectations, but here’s a straw, suck it up; here’s a bridge, get over it; and here’s a cup, so shut the cup up. You can have your opinion, but don’t bash an anime up because it does not have the certain qualities you want. It’s okay, even good, to give constructive criticism, like what the anime could have done better. But it is morally incorrect to deride an anime entirely. No one is asking you to watch it. If you would like, go back and read your manga, as many times as you want to. But if you’re just here to say “Fuck this anime”, well, I am pretty sure the anime would like to say “Fuck you too”.

I view anime and manga differently and I enjoy any anime as much as its manga. Certainly, there are times when I am taken aback by how the anime has a different plot/ skips some parts from the manga, I accept it for what it is and I enjoy the animation. As the saying goes, “Came for the plot, stayed for the animation”.

So if you get the hint, fuck off, haters ❤


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